Presence of women

The indications "present" and "absent" at Girls reflect the general presence of a lady again. However, please note that any lady can be in the home does not at any time since the women also make breaks or even entire days were absent after its decision. You are welcome to phone in advance to make an appointment with a lady. After consultation with the respective lady you will receive confirmation of your appointment. The details of a date as long a lady in the house or when a lady comes again based on the information of the respective lady. The operator of the house can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. If in doubt, call.


Please understand that generally offer all the ladies no unprotected intercourse. Any questions hereafter - with even such a high fee promises - are completely useless. Also this is illegal (§32, Abs. 1 ProstSchG).

Complaints / Suggestions

For complaints and suggestions, please contact our contact form, like you can also call.

Images of Women

Not all women have posted pictures of themselves, please ask by phone after. The use of images by third parties is prohibited. All shown on the homepage images are original images of the respective ladies.


To visit the house no admission is charged. You have the permission at any time and without obligation of course come by the house and talk to the women present there. Only when you take the power of a lady in claim pay to be made with the respective Dame amount directly to the lady.

Business hours

In general, the lady received its customers in the period of 10 - 24 o'clock - by agreement beyond. However, please note that constitute the official business hours no guarantee that receives a lady also customers, the lady is free to structure their working time. You are welcome, of course, an appointment with a lady agreed by phone, which will save you a consultation with the lady.


In house guests will find a whole range of non-alcoholic drinks and hot drinks for free. Alcoholic drinks are not served.

Home visits / outcall

You are welcome to arrange a home visit or a hotel visit. Please call the phone number 0163-3348099 or 0621-8636 7846. All the necessary thinks we speak with you and the ladies. Please note that not all ladies offer house or hotel visits. Basically, please call for a home or hotel visit, because emails are not read constantly. We try to organize the visit as soon as possible, but best to call about 2 - 3 hours ago, so everything can be smoothly organized. In a home or hotel visit, the travel costs, which will also be discussed in advance on the phone with you.


The house is situated in the industrial area of ??Mannheim-Neckarau. Find plenty of parking, and parking with trucks is possible and permissible. Guests are welcome to park in the yard of the house or in front of the garage door of the house.


The lady herself is your contractor and agreed with you their fee for the desired and dating services on their own account. This price then also includes room rent and all ancillary services. If you wish to advance a binding price of a certain lady, so you may inquire by phone, of course, happy, happy you will provide information after consultation with the respective lady. There are no flat-rate offers.


The Agency and the ladies behave absolutely legally compliant and assure compliance with all laws. Neither the use nor the provision of services is as a violation of applicable law in Germany. All women of course have valid documents and work voluntarily.


The lady is your contractor. Please arrange everything necessary to the respective lady before using their services. The operator of the house is not responsible for complaints, please contact in this case directly to the appropriate Dame.


The house has ground floor rooms, which are suitable for wheelchairs. Please reserve in advance by telephone in this case, so that everything can be prepared. Please allow approximately 2 - 3 hours lead time.


A callback using the contact can not be satisfied, please call by yourself.

Sexual practices

After Prostitution Act the ladies are basically free to choose their customers and in offering their specific services. The sexual practices specified in some women in the text based on the information of the corresponding women. Whether serving this lady performance is alone in deciding the lady. Please clarify in advance with the corresponding lady personally.


Sending an SMS is on our telephone numbers is not technically possible, please use the contact form on the Internet or phone.


An appointment is possible after consultation with the respective lady. Please call the telephone number, an appointment via the contact form, email or SMS are not possible for organizational reasons.

Understanding with the ladies

All the ladies in the house speak either German or English. Partially even further, particularly Eastern European languages.


For directions and an interactive route planner can be found on the Internet at Driving.


You pay the price agreed with the lady price directly to the lady who is also your contract partner. You can also pay with a debit or major credit cards for most women. To the manager of the house you can not pay in general, also can not accept any money for women in receipt of owner of the house or its employees.